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The Sheltercare program was established in 1988 as a short-term group home to provide services and stabilization for youth. The program's mission is to provide a safe, structured, nurturing and supportive environment to the culturally diverse at-risk adolescent population in the community. We are committed to positively impacting the lives of our youth and promoting lasting change for their futures.

Sheltercare is administered by the Juvenile Detention Commission of Northern Virginia. The program is licensed by the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Alexandria.

Adolescents are referred for placement in the facility by Juvenile Court and Social Services.

Upon placement, a service plan is developed to identify individualized needs, strengths, and goals. The youth receive individual and group counseling focused on skill-building as well as educational/informational workshops often provided in collaboration with other agencies in the community. The youth participate in a variety of regional educational and recreational opportunities. Community service activities are provided in order to promote "ownership" in their community.

Sheltercare has an onsite special education school program staffed by Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS). This alternative can often stabilize the youth and provide them with a positive and successful educational experience. We work in close collaboration. with ACPS for those students attending their schools in the community.


Sheltercare Program


Northern Virginia

5920 Stevenson Avenue

Alexandria, Virginia 22304

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