All residents, no matter the assigned program or disposition receive access to educational, vocational, psycho-educational, behavior management, anger management, somatic health and behavioral health (including crisis intervention), family engagement, and visitation.  


All residents participate in the center’s behavior management program (the Challenge Program) which rewards positive pro-social behavior and progressively addresses negative behaviors.  Residents are afforded due process and have unrestricted access to the resident grievance procedure.


A structured daily routine provides consistency and predictability for residents and staff.  The daily schedule maps out all facets of the day including meals, school, treatment services, health care, physical exercise, family visitation, and bedtime. Residents enjoy recreational activities on the housing units, in the indoor gym and outdoor recreation areas. Activities include a variety of sports that include basketball, football, volleyball, weight training, yoga, video games, arts, and crafts.


Residents have access to television, board games, reading, cards, and puzzles.  A typical day for a resident involves hygiene, meals, school, recreation, structured physical and leisure activities and visits from family, court services staff, social services, and attorneys. The residents enjoy access to outdoor education and leisure activities, and outdoor recreation spaces.